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Real-time protection against spam, phishing and email-borne viruses.

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Cloudmark Server Edition
(for Exchange)

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Cloudmark DesktopOne


Cloudmark Server Edition provides your business with high accuracy email protection for an entire computer network via a Microsoft Exchange Server.

Guard against spam, phishing, viruses, spyware and annoying junk email with the award-winning excellence of Cloudmark.


For more info, or to purchase Cloudmark Server Edition directly from us, contact us using to details below, and gain access to all the following:-

Additional features include On Demand Scanning - you have more flexibility in determining when a folder is scanned for spam.

Save time configuring Cloudmark by adding your saved email contacts to the Smartlist in one easy step.

Automatically filter multiple email folders within integrated email clients, and filter multiple email addresses.

And much more.
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